ATP(Alternative Transients Program) is a royalty-free EMTP (The Electromagnetic Transients Program). ATP and EMTP are considered to be one of the most widely used software for the analysis of power systems now in the world. The steady state and transients analysis of voltage, current, power flow and so on is possible. It has many models including rotating machine, transformer, surge arrester, transmission line and cable. The analysis of control system is also possible by using TACS and/or MODELS. The recent improvements of switch logic enabled the correct simulation of power electronic systems.


ATP is copyrighted by Canadian/American(Can/Am) EMTP User Group, and is not public-domain software like BPA-EMTP(M39). But ATP can be used rolyalty-free by anyone or any organizations who agreed and signed ATP Licensing Terms.


To use ATP-EMTP, you or your organization must agree and sign ATP Licensing Terms.
Getting ATP-License is relatively easy. ATP-License is maintained by the following ATP user groups in East-Asia.
Please note that JAUG is a different organization from "Japanese EMTP Committee(JEC)" and JEC doesn't fulfill the condition for ATP Licensing Terms. Therefore, please note that JEC has no rights of authorizing ATP-License.

Presently, many organizations and individuals (ATP Users List in East Asia) have License and using ATP in East Asia.


ATP softwares can be obtained from the following in East Asia.

Supported Platforms

CPUVersionDOS/Win3.1Win95/98WinNTGNU/LinuxDigital UNIX
Intel 80x86 PCSalfordTPBIGTPBIG---
Intel 80x86 PCSalfordTPPLOTTPPLOT---
Intel 80x86 PCGNUTPBIG(djgpp)TPBIG(Mingw32)TPBIG(Mingw32)TPBIG-
Intel 80x86 PCGNUGtpplot(djgpp)Gtpplot(Mingw32)Gtpplot(Mingw32)Gtpplot-
Intel 80x86 PCWatcom-TPBIGTPBIG--
Intel 80x86 PCWatcom-(ATPgraph)ATPgraph--
Intel 80x86 PCPlotXY-PlotXYPlotXY--
Intel 80x86 PCDspatpdspatp16dspatp32dspatp32--
Intel 80x86 PCATPDrawATPDraw/DOSATPDraw/WinATPDraw/Win--
Digital AlphaDigital----TPBIG

See F A Q(platform) for details.

Available Information and Links

Warning: Fargo News Not To Be Republished !

Extracted from Can/Am EMTP News Apr/1997

Warning! Those who subscribe to Prof. Bruce Mork's Fargo list server have no general right of republication or disclosure. Material received from the Fargo list server is not in the public domain, and generally must not be disclosed to persons who are not ATP-licensed.

Updated Items

IPST(International Conference on Powwer Systems Transients)

IPST2003 June 2003, HongKong.

Technical papers (four to six pages in two-column format) will be reviewed by the Technical Committee before acceptance for presentation. Prospective authors are invited to submit a single page abstract before July 31, 2002 :

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